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About the digital kit

only for Spanish companies

What is the Digital Voucher?

It is an economic aid offered within the NextGenEU plan to promote the digitization of Spanish SMEs. They are managed through Digitizing Agents and are intended for the solutions that we show here.

What is the amount of the aid and who can apply for it?

Any SME with a maximum of 50 employees. The amount of aid depends on the categories and segments of the beneficiary companies.
Segment I: SMEs with between 10 and 50 employees, Segment II: between 3 and 10 and Segment III: less than 3 employees.


Online presence and corporate website

Digital kit for online presence with which you will obtain a website to show your business to the world. With a unique design, content manager, domain registration and hosting for one year.

Promotional Web

  1. Corporative web with several pages

  2. SEO included


From 1.500,00€. it depends of the complexity

Process management

Digital kit to improve your processes and transform your company. Improves customer management, project monitoring, billing, quality management. We develop ad-hoc tools adapted to each business, tell us about your business and we will tell you how to optimize your day to day life with our solutions.

Automated Shopfloor

  1. Connected network of CNC tool machines

  2. Relational Customers Data base

  3. Real Time production Control


From €5,000,00. It depends of the complexity

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