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One CNC | CAD-CAM software

OneCNC Mill


OneCNC Mill offers a complete range of solutions to produce parts from 2D/3D to multi-axis. Your customer base may include automotive, aerospace, medical or consumer products and OneCNC Mill includes functionality to suit all of these applications. OneCNC Mill toolpaths include OneCNC’s Active Cut technology to provide efficient methods of creating parts. OneCNC Mill is a
fully integrated CAD CAM, it’s fast, easy, and productive without the need of other software.


Some key features of OneCNC Mill

- Complete solution combining the power of tool path generation with seamless CAD in one totally integrated CNC program and manufacturing, simulation solution.
- Designed for the CNC production environment with function ality to maximise metal removal rates, and finishing tool paths that provide high quality finishes and proven tolerances.
- Efficient toolpaths that maintain consistent cutter load, increasing tool life with emphasis on toolpaths for each purpose in 3 axis as well as multi axis through to 5 axis simultaneous.
- High Speed toolpaths that minimise sudden changes in cutting direction, preventing tool breakage and part damage while maintaining greater cutter tool life.

OneCNC multi-axis
Multi-axis machining can dramatically increase a shop’s competitiveness. The OneCNC multi-axis interface is simple and very intuitive to use, ensuring an easy transition from standard
milling. With OneCNC, you have complete control over all elements of multi-axis machining from placement of the machining plane to tool axis clearances and collision avoidance. From 4 axis rotary or spiral and wrap cutting to 5 axis simultaneous machining with excellent surface finish OneCNC is designed to simplify even the most complex jobs.

Some key features of OneCNC Multi-Axis
- Multi plane 4 or 5-axis high speed roughing and finishing.
- Plunge roughing, and area finish machining.
- Swarf machining over multi-surface selections.
- Reliable tool, tool holder and gouge checking.
- Fast, simple 5-axis drilling and counter boring.
- Full 5-axis dynamic tilt clearance control.
- Automatic active work plane.

OneCNC Lathe


OneCNC Lathe gives you a set of tools ready for programming from creating a wire frame or solid model with the ability to import CAD models right through to the completed turned part. OneCNC Lathe delivers a set of basic and advanced programming tools, with wizard driven rough, finish, thread, groove, bore, and drill functionality. Reliable toolpath verification gives you the confidence
to run the most complex toolpaths on your machine.

Some key features of OneCNC Lathe

- Wizard driven functionality lets you program in just a few clicks.
- Intelligent ID and OD roughing, featuring both collision and pass over groove cutting control.
- Fast facing including roughing and finishing.
- Grooving with multiple depth cuts including peck motion and also full offset turning.
- Complete threading with easy set clearances and diameters.
- Auto tool gouge checking from the shape and angle of the tool.
- Directly machine from an imported or created solid model.
- Profile finish turning from almost any shape.

OneCNC Mill-Turn


OneCNC Mill-Turn added module software gives you the tools and simulation to provide a logical visual method of programming your mill-turn lathes. OneCNC Mill-Turn simplifies even the most complicated parts by providing wizard driven active plane access to all required faces of the mill-turn part. OneCNC Mill-Turn is designed to combine OneCNC's powerful milling and turning toolpaths. OneCNC Mill-Turn delivers the best proven techniques combined with visual and collision detection methods of part verification.

Some key features of OneCNC Mill-Turn

- OneCNC C Axis Face Module for milling, pocketing, profiling chamfering, and corner rounding are just some of the supported functionality. OneCNC Mill Turn Machine rotary and machine cycle are supported methods for C axis.
- OneCNC C Axis wrap Module produces toolpaths on a cylinder around the turning axis. OneCNC C axis wrap supports machine cycles with cutter compensation.
- OneCNC Y Axis Module the milling toolpaths are created with a fixed C axis position. All OneCNC stock toolpaths are supported making this a very capable function.
- OneCNC B Axis Module creates milling functionality around B Axis angular positions. OneCNC B Axis module provides Stock and Model tool paths to handle the most complex 3D models.

OneCNC Wire


From 2- and 4-axis cutting to easy syncing and complete tab control, OneCNC wire delivers the tools for fast, efficient wire programming.
Designed for simplicity OneCNC Wire will save you time on programming and reduce the opportunity for mistakes. Rough and multiple skim passes are no problem including multiple parts
internal or external with automated plug cut off control.

Some Key key features of OneCNC Wire

- Efficient tab creation and management.
- Control settings for corner types and taper angles at any point in the contour.
- Straight or tapered cut from either direction.
- 4 axis tapered cutting directly from a solid model.
- Contouring made easy in 2 or 4-axis with easily placed constriction control.
- Automatic lead-in and lead-out strategies with automatic or manual 4-axis.
- Automatic skim forward and reverse cuts with automated wire cut off control

OneCNC CAD/CAM Profiler


OneCNC CAD/CAM Profiler is a complete standalone design and manufacturing solution. This includes complete CAD integrated with the CAM to create the parts for cutting. OneCNC Profiler has a unique combination of geometry construction and depending on the version has hybrid modelling tools that let you create detailed, accurate 3D models of even the most complex mechanical parts simply and efficiently.

Some Major Benefits of OneCNC Profiler:


- Imports industry standard file types such as STEP IGES, Parasolid, SAT, VADF, Solidworks, Rhino DWG and DXF, for easy communication with your customers.
- Designed for the plate cutting CNC environment with functionality to maximises metal usage, and accuracy required for high quality components.
- Provides efficient toolpath entry and exit positions and minimizes the entry and exit of the cutting to eliminate finishing or imperfection from the pierce position.
- Optimised nesting control providing grain and angular control whilst maintaining nesting efficiency.
- Easy Editing and Verification combined with one step nesting makes the system instantly productive.

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