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CAD-CAM Software:

OneCNC CAD CAM is a market leader in computer aided manufacturing CAM system for NC part programming. 

Communications Software: 

CIMCO SOFTWARE 8 delivers powerful deatures, faster performance and a new streamlined user experience

CAD-CAM Simulator:

VERICUT software is used to simulate CNC machining in order to detect errors, potential collisions, or areas of inefficiency. VERICUT enables NC programmers to correct errors before the program is ever loaded on the CNC machine, thereby eliminating manual prove-outs.

CAD Format Converter:

Cad data exchange solutions enable the reading of a whole set of Cad data : 2D, 3D, wireframe, solid, surface, attributes, machining features, history of construction, data of dimensioning, annotations and tolerancing (FD&T, GTI or PMI) and specific ones dedicated to certain fields. Parts as well as assemblies are well recovered thanks to Datakit’s strategy to match the original data hierarchy.




IIoT Industry 4.0

Reverse Engineering

Solutions adapted to your process

Custom Software development 


Custom design for greater production efficiency

Quality control processes implementation and design


Robotic machining cells with KUKA and ABB robots

Industrial Communications

Industrial Automation

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SAMEC has been created by Josep Soler on 1997 in Barcelona. The aim of the company has always been to provide to our customers with the most accurate solution for their problems in the robotic and engineering environment and industrial automations. One of its creations was CAM TAILOR that was working with AutoCAD software. 

Across the years, SAMEC has had the ownership of some CAD-CAM softwares until we went into the Robotic business in 2005. Since then, we are specialized in reversed engineering, robotic cells programmed on CAD-CAM and Robots (ABB and KUKA).

Today, we keep being specialized on this sector and we indeed develop and commercialize technological software and industrial comunications. We want to provide to our customers with their specific needs in production, design, quality control, ERP needs through the implementation of commercialized products and softwares or the creation of this ones.


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